Gary the Fairy Webcomic Characters


Gary the Fairy - A sarcastic and mischievous little fairy who lost his job to the ever increasing outsourcing of the fairy industry.



Bill the Bear - A good fiend of Gary the Fairy and always up to no good!  Bill's favorite pastimes are sleeping, eating and whatever it takes to annoy his other good friend Hank the Hare.



Mr. Smith - Gary's former boss and also a victim of the fairy outsourcing.



    Hank the Hare - Usually at the blunt end of Bill the Bear's jokes, Hank is just one unlucky rabbit (um, I mean hare).  Although he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, his misfortunes are bound to bring a few laughs.  

Simon - Young Simon does not believe in a world of magic.  "If it cannot be proven scientifically, he says "then it must not exist".  Naive and misguided, Simon is about to learn that he was wrong.


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